Aika feat. Cyber Diva – I Love You, Goodnight

Published on Maret 17, 2018 by Pasha Lovarian

Aika feat. Cyber Diva – I Love You, Goodnight

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Sleepless, long nights
In moments I needed you most
(where were you)

I hold onto, the precious memories we have made
All the things you said, and now I’ve changed
But everything went and broke away (within my heart)
Oh how these days go by.

I want you here
But you gave up
Did I not do enough
(I wish you didn’t)
And now we’re here

I hope you find that thing you need
Cause you didn’t find that part in me
I really tried but you didn’t do the same
But I hope to see your see smile again

But one last thing before I go
Forever in my heart and my soul
You’re the light of my life and I love you so.
(My love, my love)
I wish you goodnight

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