V Flower – Frost

Published on Desember 9, 2017 by Pasha Lovarian

V Flower – Frost

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Finally, some v flower EDM! READ FOR MORE ↓↓↓

I’d been waiting for the opportunity to present a song using the Vocaloid “v flower”, and we finally got this fantastic electro-house piece from k_dash!

This song was composed for the second official v flower album titled “Ichigo Ichi”. The album itself has been available since February 24th, and can be picked up on CDJapan: http://bit.ly/1WVHiFe

Thank you to k_dash for allowing me to feature this wonderful masterpiece!

Illustration & Movie: Koneko Mari (http://twitter.com/mari_kosaji)
Mysic and Lyrics: k_dash (http://twitter.com/k_da5h)

Nicovideo Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm28336440
Illustration by Koneko Mari: http://pixiv.net/i/55586501
Producer Info: http://vocadb.net/Ar/471

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