Spice – Hatsune Miku (Shokugeki no Souma ED Cover)

Published on Desember 9, 2017 by Pasha Lovarian

Spice – Hatsune Miku (Shokugeki no Souma ED Cover)

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Art by 1994Tom: http://1994tom.deviantart.com/

Original Song from the 1st ending theme to TV Anime “Shokugeki no Soma” (Food Wars, 食戟のソーマ) titled “Spice” by Tokyo Karan Koron

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Hey everyone! I’m back!

I’ve been really busy with my recent move and now I’m finally settling into the new place! Sorry about the short hiatus~
Everything will be back to normal and the quality of my releases will be high than ever since I can now focus on the channel without anything else in the way.

Though now that I’ve moved out, I’ll be making some changes from here on out. I’ll be sure to film a blog video about the details in future! For now, please enjoy this remix I’ve finally finished yesterday!

For this song, I went into making the remix wanting to make a Future Bass song, then decided to throw in some Progressive House to give it the dj-Jo genre change flavor xD

I also started using the AVOX SYBIL plugin for vocal de essing and I gotta say, that thing works wonders!

Also, yesterday’s Vocaloid tuning stream was great!! I think I’ll do more of those in the future (: I really enjoyed the way Miku came out in this one! This is actually the first time I’ve tuned the V3 original voice bank on Miku! (Also, YOHIOloid is on harmonies)



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