Freestyle2 Street Basketball all Soundtrack & BGM mp3 download


yo minna san, konniciwa, maaf udah lama gak ngepos, soalnya gw lagi gak enak badan belakangan ini, kali ini gw mau berbagi soundtrack-soundtrack dan BGM dari salah satu Game favorit gw nih Freestyle2 street basketball, mana tau kalian ada yang main gamenya dan pengen nyari soundtracknya? soalnya soundtracknya emang bagus-bagus sih :3 bagi kalian yang belum tau gamenya silakan baca reviewnya disini

yo people, good afternoon, sorry for long time no post, because i was sick, and now i want to share about the soundtracks and BGM from the one of my favorite game, that is Freestyle2 Street basketball, who knows, maybe you’re looking for a posting like this and want to find out the soundtracks, because the soundtracks are really good i think, and for you who doesn’t know about the game and want to find out, please read the reviews here
the review is using Indonesian Language, so you may need to use google translate to read it

nah, ini dia daftar soundtrack dan BGM beserta link downloadnya, check it out :3
and, this is the soundtracks and BGM list + the download links, just check it out

  1. Afro             : [KumpulBagi]
  2. bringem Out : [KumpulBagi]
  3. The Styles    : [KumpulBagi]
  4. SuperStar    : [Kumpulbagi]
  5. Return of the kings : [KumpulBagi]
  6. Let’s Get Rollin’ : [KumpulBagi]
  7. Hustle & Grind – District 78 : [KumpulBagi]
  8. We Like to Party : [KumpulBagi]
  9. We Back            : [Kumpulbagi]
  10. let’s Get it On     : [Kumpulbagi]
  11. neva Lose You   : [Kumpulbagi]
  12. Slapstick – We be Ballin : [KumpulBagi]
  13. Buzzer Beater remix  by Elro : [KumpulBagi]
  14. Ruler of the Court : [Kumpulbagi]
  15. SuperStar is Back : [Kumpulbagi]
  16. Buzzer Beater       : [Kumpulbagi]

oke, sekian yang bisa ane share, kalo ada pertanyaan silakan ajukan di komentar, oh iya nickname ane sendiri di freestyle itu “ABChikiChiki”, silakan di add bagi yang lagi nyari temen mabar 😀

ok, i think that’s all i can share, if you have any questions just ask it on the comment line, and anyway, my nickname on Freestyle is “ABChikiChiki”, if you want to be friend just add me, and i only play on Asia1 Server, and i’m so sorry if my english is suck :3